Run-N-Gun Adventures

We have TEAL starting to stack up!!! Thanks Mother Nature!


Mother Nature has dropped some serious rain on our area over the last 10-14 days.  We have been working to catch as much of it as possible while trying not to blow anything out.  With the recent full moon and little front that came through a few days ago we have seen our first big group of teal! Prolly 800-1000 holding on a pond. Lots of small 20-30 bird groups scattered around as well.  Ponds and rice that we are preparing for teal season are really starting to come together and take shape.  Over the next couple weeks they will really look good and should start to stack up with teal along the way. 

We still have one club group spot opening for this years season.  Once it is gone, our club will be full.

Our weekends are booked solid for teal season, but we still have weekdays available for anyone interested. 




 photo BFB07582-8B04-4797-B8DB-16912D3D54FC_zpshjgj8lnw.jpg  photo 70CCB4C7-7B0A-47C3-B416-579C96DCC59F_zps0zmyosv9.jpg  photo 9CC49CB3-38CE-4150-A03F-30E038AF0C13_zpsbqhycjvf.jpg  photo EA953E40-F570-4706-93A7-FB73D11836EB_zps3hp30d4p.jpg  photo 2487F502-9CBF-4915-ABE8-05FE1B93C491_zpsrr8tprjs.jpg  photo D08D52B1-3BD7-4CEB-BD68-358B9F28481D_zpsohsvvioc.jpg  photo 642F932B-9405-40D0-B7FD-9FC3DD335D2E_zpsluuwbltt.jpg  photo 127BA4D4-20B5-4E5C-9605-EB2EACC48BEC_zpsleusjmjg.jpg  photo CC44BE92-4C27-43B6-B972-09BFE6C117F6_zpschj7efru.jpg  photo 09180339-2706-4FD8-9583-1BB57C00E14D_zpswfcaokph.jpg  photo 10A3B701-E30A-446B-984C-A88BAA31A1C9_zpsfrjbqpbf.jpg  photo BDD6A55F-0A12-478E-B43C-2D0A3938CA01_zpsqh6fhccz.jpg  photo 47018443-8FD1-4F08-A852-261A3A4C006F_zpscicdur2y.jpg  photo 498EA41E-34FB-4088-B276-555AD3F7D7A7_zpshssvyqax.jpg