Run-N-Gun Adventures

We closed out 2017 with a BANG, literally!



We closed out 2017 with a BANG, literally!


We had a handful of really good hunts highlighted by Fletcher’s 72 bird goose hunt.


The ducks are really starting to show off their colors as we had several clients’ bag birds that are going on the wall.Clients picked up two more bands as well over the last handful of days which is always a nice bonus.


This cold weather and big moon has brought us even more birds, both ducks and geese and we are expecting to see even more show up in the coming days as everything north of us is and has been locked up solid.


Enjoy the pictures and get in touch with us if you want in on the action before season closes!




Lodging available the night before dates listed below.


Jan 17-21, 24-28


Jan 17-21

Feb 2, 5, 7, 8, 9

Pricing includes 1 night lodging with all meals and morning hunt


3ppl-$450 per person

4ppl-$425 per person

5ppl-$400 per person

6ppl-$375 per person


6ppl-$375 per person


 photo DEE9AC45-94D0-4C61-9E9C-87F01F70D423_zps0wtzxzlk.jpg  photo B99914D4-B641-436A-B912-8E6BCD82CC65_zpsxxhh90sb.jpg  photo B406CEEB-853C-4522-9BEA-CC524CF706DD_zps13sxqusn.jpg  photo 1AE965A8-E6F0-4D57-BC81-B017E2F57DCA_zpsstci8i5n.jpg  photo 15533569-B09C-444F-866E-F2945BBE31B0_zpshkob5uzf.jpg  photo 96E3C399-41B8-4A19-9616-2863CDBCCE1C_zpsoquc4hhx.jpg  photo 27FFDE8B-9461-4B70-B335-53B489E5079E_zpst9gh6mzq.jpg  photo FF808985-3215-4E56-90A5-C3E868D2A61F_zpsl2mhizyl.jpg  photo A7B9E5F4-7A6A-49A0-A04C-80295389AD82_zpsz9komq65.jpg  photo 8682E400-67BA-4E74-BF1B-70401A291245_zpsv4zbi4aq.jpg  photo 2244AE4F-877F-4BFD-A784-19F80DA3F000_zps0istulnv.jpg  photo BEC91CE3-46C8-4D36-B099-55F52B5DD7F5_zps75vpt5my.jpg  photo 6DC3D6F0-10C1-4C6C-A837-D8EAB98139B5_zpsw5ss2rcy.jpg  photo 843044CC-1EC9-4030-B607-64B2B874294E_zpszyn1o4bk.jpg  photo C536A294-939B-4E7C-A544-8BB80E4BD987_zpskfrbqg0c.jpg  photo A8F9C8A0-845B-4230-891B-DCED072BF260_zpsczlixpvz.jpg  photo A5014F23-5662-4A0A-A1FE-6D039FD36DB4_zpsdpgtxrau.jpg