Run-N-Gun Adventures

Waterfowl Prep-Work in full swing, Dog Training and New Duck Camp update


WOW, talk about a busy and productive spring so far, we're firing on all cylinders to put it lightly.

-We have secured 5 ADDITIONAL prime properties for waterfowl hunting for this next season. Taking our individual pond total up to 75-80 ponds per season depending on farming rotation.
-We are really excited about how our executive duck club ponds(35+/-) are shaping up for this season.
-The spring class of dogs at the kennels are doing great.
-We are getting very close to breaking ground on the new 11,000+sq ft hunting lodge/duck camp.
-The fishing has just been flat out amazing both drifting and wading.
-We have already begun prep-work on some of our ponds for next waterfowl season in regards to managing water levels to encourage aquatic & moist soil vegetation; spring discing & spraying is right around the corner; more pit blinds have been put on order for our club and day hunt ponds; brainstorming is in full effect for which ponds will be planted with what food source and when to optimize the target hunting timeframe; more skid blinds are being engineered with modifications to enhance their ability to blend in depending on each ponds natural cover.

We are really excited about the new property pickups that are being added to an already stout lineup of hunting properties. With these new additions we'll be able to rest and rotate properties even more than we have in the past to ensure our clients & club members are going in on the best possible shoots. With properties scattered all over the Matagorda and surrounding counties and with a variety of different food sources, we'll have exactly what the birds are looking for and needing throughout the season. With all the rice that went back into production on properties we have and ones surrounding us, it's just icing on the cake!



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