Run-N-Gun Adventures

Trout just shy of 30" to break the NEW sled in right!



The guys broke in the new sled(PRIMETIME IV) the right way last week by catching a trophy trout just shy of the 30" mark on her first trip out of the gate! They have been doing some scouting over the last couple days to get dialed back in on the fish before upcoming trips. Now that almost all our waterfowl gear is stored away, we'll be turning our focus to the fish.

We currently have openings for the Spring and Summer, but days are starting to fly off the calendar(especially weekends).


 photo C30106F8-C62B-4001-B95E-BCE55CD52A3C_zpssdi7ngml.jpg

 photo BF54E662-1155-4A87-80B7-A414E8A4D98C_zpswwdpatcb.jpg  photo E963B714-AA19-456F-B2E8-C321F3718045_zpslllkmjyu.jpg  photo D201E834-C195-4453-8012-685A30079E17_zpsnam769jv.jpg  photo E3B60C60-6897-428F-BE4F-A0BA132C6C7E_zpst1aamrsa.jpg  photo 61F05FE4-C6CD-4A69-99CE-67CADE832DD6_zpspjghvwmt.jpg  photo A72A74EC-64C1-4777-8173-3A0166F785CD_zpstvktnv2z.jpg  photo B0D2D12F-025C-4955-B9CB-DA8E52B1BB3C_zpsulipapxl.jpg  photo C24AE3F7-40FD-44A9-B477-157FD35C9702_zpsbpur5jpi.jpg  photo 4521692A-2948-4220-83F7-6B60E699D874_zps6nejjr3h.jpg  photo B0616902-6732-48BE-B4BC-3DA4FCB35018_zpsldwve83d.jpg