Run-N-Gun Adventures

Thank you Mother Nature! Rain=Duck Food


Our duck food has EXPLODED with the recent rains.  Farmers call them million dollar rains, we call them MIGRATION STOPPERS!  Rice harvest is in full swing on a handful of our properties, below are a few pictures from one of them.  Also pictured is corn being shelled at one of our properties where we'll start pumping water as soon as they get finished with harvest.  Things are really shaping up for it to be a great waterfowl season, especially with the recent reports that the snow goose hatch is up 30%+/-.  We still have a few openings left during teal season for anyone still needing to book a hunt.  Weekends are getting pretty full already for Nov & Dec, and the first half of Dec is getting pretty full for goose hunts.  If you're wanting to hunt with us this season, we need to hear from you soon. 



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