Run-N-Gun Adventures

Teal season recap and pictures from the final couple days



Teal season ended and our harvest numbers look like this:

Guided hunts
1316 harvested
52 hunts...
25.31 hunt average

Club hunts
2367 harvested
108 hunts
21.9 hunt average

3683 harvested
160 hunts
23.02 hunt average
7 total bands all shot by club members

The first 10 days of season were flat out amazing! Then the full moon came and we didn't get much of a weather change at all. Birds started feeding at night and pretty much went stale on us. The last 4-5 days of season were pretty spotty, still mixed in some good hunts, but had more slow hunts than we'd have liked. You won't hear us complaining though, overall we still had a great season as you can see from the numbers. Now it's time to start getting things ready for the regular season!


 photo 9DFC8299-E4BA-42F3-96A0-C58D7810DC63_zpssvtyyqee.jpg  photo F634C337-1BE3-438F-B7C0-07C85782A5D6_zpsp6ztgqif.jpg  photo 179EBF83-0D5A-445D-8F0D-89080EEE80FA_zpsenvittzy.jpg  photo DAE60341-568A-43CE-A3AB-47D6CE74BA72_zpsr2qiayw2.jpg  photo BD613362-3619-471E-B8BF-3F2C0D472B4E_zpsickfeaqo.jpg  photo 7E5DC803-CEBE-43E1-AEE1-E43C34067B56_zpsypkco79j.jpg  photo 4A35FD03-1652-466C-8C8B-CA595F7643C4_zpssnjqjxf7.jpg  photo AA381489-08A9-43C4-B00A-DC3B03F7C784_zpssvowi4rd.jpg  photo 0351B9F5-1845-4785-947F-0B67A5FDB20A_zpswvam7u03.jpg  photo 2D8C6C27-A4DB-4AE1-9884-189C730228C7_zpsqrnfxn4w.jpg  photo 1014551C-1384-48C6-B730-4306E67FF391_zpsyc9wgh2x.jpg  photo 624DB464-0B65-40F7-ADDB-1050BE529AC9_zps8eailjd3.jpg  photo 6F26922C-4A10-4742-8CC0-86A592771C48_zpsvpzjrxfs.jpg  photo 9F4797CC-07FA-4A6B-8A78-7721F74CB776_zpsbghoailq.jpg