Run-N-Gun Adventures

Solid week and weekend of fishing and brought home some hardware in Tourney!


This past week and weekend was a very productive one for our fishing clients.  Wading and drifting both produced solid boxes of fish.  The waders were throwing croaker and wet wading, while the drifters were mostly using live shrimp under a popping cork.  Saturday was the Fort Bend County Fair “Boots and Buckles” tourney that we run a handful of boats in.  This is an amateur tourney only, so our guides can only drive boat, net fish and bait hooks.  Congrats to Rylan that won the Jr angler award with the largest trout that went just at 28” and right under 7lbes.  Our other wading boat had a good box of fish as well, but not enough weight to get them in the winner’s circle.

Whether you want to wade or drift, we have been catching fish both ways(drift or wade) depending on the wind.  This week looks like a wash due to the weather, but we have some openings if it should clear off Wed & Thur.  Next week we have openings as well Mon-Fri along with Sun(29th) for anyone interested in catching some fish.

Contact Daniel to book or get more details:

Call/Text: 979.240.5312


Enjoy the pictures and we look forward to hearing from you!



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