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Solid Duck, Goose and Crane Hunts! PICTURE HEAVY



The last week plus leading up to Christmas was about as solid as we could have asked for! Both our duck and goose hunts have been really solid across the board with only a couple not living up to our expectations. The geese have really moved in with a force as we have feeds on multiple properties. Shooting specks has been pretty easy and some days the snows want to play, but for the most part they haven't wanted to give up just yet. Sooner or later they will and things are going to get western once that happens! Biggest keys for successful on our duck hunts have been setting up where they want to be, giving them the proper rest between hunts and making the most of every opportunity. Pintails and teal are making up the majority of the straps with gadwall, redheads, bluebills and spoonies joining as well.
We have a couple openings remaining between Christmas and the New Year and January is starting to fill up. Will list opening below for those interested in booking a hunt.

Upcoming availability looks like this, on some of these listed dates it will only take one hunt and 2-3 dates will no longer be available, so don't procrastinate if you're wanting to book a hunt.

December 30, 31
January 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

December 31
January 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

December 30, 31
January 1, 12, 13, 14, 15

Blue Creek
December 30 & 31
January 2-5

Fish Camp
December 30 & 31
January 2-5, 9-12
Details/pictures for lodging here:



 photo 51BAD380-BD1F-44A6-8516-953B2F71287F_zpsasttg6el.jpg  photo 8488EC3E-AC29-4670-88D4-61FFCE1740AB_zpsxdjwjtea.jpg  photo EAF3D88A-B048-4BA5-BF65-94991541EFA2_zpsctfi3ebm.jpeg  photo 80F208C9-A679-4296-A175-DD1B3F3B344C_zps7uee9fe4.jpg  photo C5952793-43D5-420C-9E13-B0EABAC9498E_zps9wwgyxsb.jpg  photo 10D07000-0CFF-4590-B8A4-C4B13597C0B5_zps8nptocdw.jpg  photo A2932D76-980C-42BF-9620-585C44837698_zpsnbfeqehc.jpg  photo 2B6721F9-D221-46AD-8474-94CFFDAF3392_zps8ma8qzjc.jpg  photo 6306000E-3143-443C-8C7D-045489933B84_zpsasksysjj.jpg  photo B3A79403-18CB-4C0A-88EF-495B04CDF5A8_zps2t3t3ejl.jpg  photo 82F2D199-2DC2-4CAD-89CC-2967BA0470EA_zpslnbytxf5.jpg  photo 81F76463-C85D-48E4-80B2-F3CAAA608CB3_zpsw5ylweei.jpg  photo 896EC04B-BDCA-4FEF-96CD-FC4B14D0C060_zpsuez6kjke.jpg  photo 83B2516E-4C44-439C-8968-764D17C19D02_zpspqfu9jbv.jpg  photo 35C5E41B-8D92-4133-A4C0-93C5CD09EFD7_zpsevqip56f.jpg  photo 1A0E613B-26BC-4AFF-A2AC-52F8C6D12289_zpsxeisp2my.jpg  photo D4010F69-08B3-4E43-B29B-1F4AC95BA63F_zpskcv7g5y4.jpg  photo E75B36C7-F784-4942-AD63-4FC9DC9211DE_zps44ui3wg4.jpg  photo 5A1C81F6-0C4C-40F4-881F-F0EE427345DB_zpswm4cfet8.jpg  photo 1A485B45-ECBB-4008-88B3-D0774276E6F1_zpsc82edveo.jpg  photo 1839EAAF-237B-436F-98C7-CF82BE32451E_zpshzlfcc0l.jpg  photo A54523BB-C699-49D8-A190-447B971A0A66_zps0jdhpug4.jpg  photo DD16D47E-0BE6-4F9E-9B95-6B7281DF1B22_zpsbuamucww.jpg  photo 240DBBDF-813B-4B26-838C-407A8E9E2F57_zpshyxrczp8.jpg  photo 25BE0092-9B04-4B1A-B7FF-AD0ED63E2116_zpslthvf7f9.jpg  photo 8F3B4E2D-1FE3-4470-BF82-CB31E6FA1C26_zpsel6yosjc.jpg  photo 52EFAA84-AED5-425D-ACF3-445A249135CA_zpskhtwwfzl.jpg  photo BF936BF8-5C49-4819-90BC-56BF3FB8ADB1_zpsnbjqwe8q.jpg  photo 4BDE8AC2-1450-44F6-8D2F-95303E6AC92D_zpshb0ad2x3.jpg