Run-N-Gun Adventures

Solid boxes in the wind!



Had a family down that fished with Capt. Caleb just before Easter . With the wind pumping in the afternoon, he decided to chase reds. Since the wind died down for the morning trip, he went after trout and it paid off with a box and a couple really good ones for the youngster.

Capt. Lane teamed up with Reel Rush one morning to help put together an eleven man limit of trout!

The fishing will only continue to get better and more consistent as we move into April. We have a few openings left in April for anyone interested in catching a few fish.

**Upcoming openings**
April 6(fri), 8(sun), 9-11, 16-22
Listed dates are fishing date and we have lodging available the night before above dates.


 photo D3D90066-08E4-4D89-95A7-5092DDEBA74F_zpsc7125hwn.jpg  photo C1F942FD-F2F8-42A7-B962-F1FAD530128C_zpsljdiwsfx.jpg  photo 98DA683B-9C89-4E3F-BFB1-6BE5640E2B39_zpsaw0s5nig.jpg  photo 0318A30E-F0A1-43D8-8663-BF9B0A66EB45_zpsbtnm8apt.jpg  photo DC436F95-A5A0-48C8-9E1A-9983A10BC867_zpsgupfrj5o.jpg  photo 2BB292A1-DCBD-4C9D-AF4F-38FD606975E5_zpszp9ck8da.jpg  photo 6C77E5EC-C7C8-45C1-BD53-9D88B999D040_zpsmgshlbwk.jpg  photo 6F3AAC8B-CAFA-49B7-BF2F-884E2050A1EF_zpstilydm3g.jpg  photo B9009B8E-293D-437A-8EBA-911F6DEEEB3D_zpslqpodjho.jpg  photo CAECCFD9-D81F-428C-993A-FB26B5476AB8_zpsgdvqulsp.jpg  photo 9C8856CA-51D5-4165-816C-D13385495881_zpskjjwfzbv.jpg