Run-N-Gun Adventures

Solid boxes and trophy trout released in all types of weather!


The saying "don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes" is about the best way to describe spring time along the Texas Gulf Coast, especially this past week!  Wind from every direction and sometimes all in one day, high tide, super low tide, low pressure, high pressure, fronts, fronts that stall, rain, beautiful clear skies and little to no wind, you name it and we've had it. 

Our guides have been working really hard to make sure clients have a great time on the water and put fish in the box!  Wading and drifting have both been producing some great boxes of fish and with some solid quality as well.  Multiple trophy trout over 25 inches have been released with the largest going just shy of 29 inches and 8lbs.  The Matagorda Bay complex continues to prove that it's in great shape!  

Contact us to get in on the action and let our team worry about all the planning so you can just relax, enjoy some amazing food and an enjoyable day on the bay! 

To check availability and reserve your next trip:
Call/Text (979) 476-5858

Including lodging, meals and fishing.  Does NOT include bait

Enjoy the pictures and we look forward to hearing from you!



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