Run-N-Gun Adventures

So Close to taking over STAR trout leaderboard..... EPIC day either way


WOW!!! Saying that Avery had an epic day might be the understatement of the year. She not only caught her personal best trout, but actually outdid herself 3 times. She released the first two as they weren't going to put her in the lead for the CCA Texas STAR Tournament and was rewarded at the end of the day with a GREAT fish that almost put her on top. Tipping the scales at 6lbs 9oz, she was 1oz from tying the leader and 2oz from taking the lead. It was awesome to watch this day unfold and great to see she understood why the first couple good fish should be released and actually didn't even need to be convinced. As you can see from a couple of the pictures, the rain came down hard a few times, but that didn't discourage her one bit nor did she ever complain.  Days like this is what it's all about!
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**Enjoy the pictures and videos from a few she released**



 photo AE60BA8A-6748-4304-9175-6BEE6B614BB2_zpsrsnjbije.jpg  photo 3475D92C-BE65-4979-8F94-D199181D9419_zpsjzum5npf.jpg  photo EB19C9F3-7B2A-468E-9E08-8099017F9994_zpsmfoyodhr.jpg  photo 8013A3BE-931B-4F65-88B5-CB5AF83FC0B9_zpsib6ibhux.jpeg  photo 0FCDF8A5-7902-4935-8AC4-5A3504D8547B_zpstyracz4u.jpg  photo 38F68802-DD2A-4A36-AA0B-73EDE3D4DB44_zpse0gc6opj.jpg  photo 0779F78C-FFDB-44F5-85F0-DB0925AF409E_zpsrs29tk6m.jpg