Run-N-Gun Adventures

Pits, flushing, flooding, discing and more!


Last week was super busy for us as we were getting things done ahead of the forecasted rain. Discing ponds for teal season, moving pits into position so backhoe just has to sink them in, moving skid blinds around and getting electric fences up were the main focus towards the end of the week as the rain chances continued to increase. First half of the week we were flushing a handful of ponds to give our duck food a drink and actually started pumping on a couple ponds to entice aquatic vegetation to get kick started. Still lots to do, but it's this work and the work we have been doing since the spring that pays off once season actually gets here.

We still have room on our executive duck club for anyone still looking, contact us for more details.

Our teal weekends and a few weekdays are totally booked, we do still have a handful of weekdays left for anyone looking. Nov & Dec weekends are starting to fly off the calendar as well.

Contact us at:
Daniel 979.240.5312
Nick 979.240.1639




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