Run-N-Gun Adventures

Phenomenal Waterfowl Hunting over the last 10 days with some monster shoots!


The last 10 days of hunting have been nothing short of spectacular! Some of our biggest shoots of the season have happened over this timespan including a 77 bird goose hunt, 54 bird duck hunt and a handful of 42 bird duck hunts. Take out a couple hunts that didn't go as good as we would have hoped due to Mother Nature or the birds just being birds, and it was honestly about as good as it gets.

With the recent rains and cold fronts pushing through every 3-5 days, it has really charged up the prairie and with the Arctic blast we have coming it should really bring a bunch of new birds(ducks and geese) to our area over the next 5-10 days. Cold birds are hungry birds and hungry birds are much easier to hunt and pattern.

We have a few remaining openings left for this season duck and goose hunting. If you're interested in booking a hunt, please get with us ASAP before all our openings are filled. Enjoy the pictures and contact us to come down and be in one!


Lodging available the night before dates listed below.


Dec 30

Jan 11, 12, 13, 17-21, 24-28


Jan 17-21

Feb 2, 5, 7, 8, 9

Pricing includes 1 night lodging with all meals and morning hunt


3ppl-$450 per person

4ppl-$425 per person

5ppl-$400 per person

6ppl-$375 per person


6ppl-$375 per person





 photo 279204AC-F5D1-424B-8C01-700420942396_zpsnwtnez97.jpg  photo 3E997C59-FF3F-4A41-A3A6-8E4E3F75E558_zpsuzck1vdj.jpg  photo 9A1A9CAB-FC70-4D5A-98C4-7D8CA839DC0B_zpsz02j5m2s.jpg  photo 5CDAB646-46E1-4BDE-8258-30F2AE8EC79C_zps2znckxn1.jpg  photo 0BE28661-3998-4A58-A809-D0E62A48D681_zpsfubfmsvl.jpg  photo 0F27BABC-C022-4990-A328-B24E394A9FB9_zpswemfrlvu.jpg  photo 080639D7-C98B-4C7E-9674-A10B25981C02_zps7pwxie4t.jpg  photo 94297B59-44C4-4FDC-849F-69BE66E828B2_zpslbojm6nj.jpg  photo 841DB668-66C9-4653-9DAC-267442F31708_zpsuqvhxpst.jpg  photo 6E3BB475-8BA5-4914-B533-B4E49F49E223_zpsgkjk70vr.jpg  photo A61546D2-A4EC-4699-B3E4-7A2704110871_zps1ok5i9mb.jpg  photo 75D317E3-59A8-4E6F-ABB1-A2DAB807E632_zpstxwpbnt3.jpg  photo CCD4DB1E-0859-4C30-B5E1-7530588C40DE_zpsnpmjq4nu.jpg  photo 56CFD53F-6961-4D66-AD7B-437895EBDC9B_zpsxjhceaxy.jpg  photo 11E60648-7AF3-41FE-9E4D-FD0252BE5B4C_zpszpztspkx.jpg  photo CA1E0802-CB50-441B-BFD7-79DF89C746EE_zps1fizr6zl.jpg  photo 39996016-D1AC-40EC-9F33-8EE2367E28F7_zpspmojb9ib.jpg  photo C303617D-6F29-465B-89F1-A31F7BC4D735_zpsatolinrf.jpg  photo 19B56569-D72F-4F04-BD5A-87C98CBD75CE_zpstpdjeiiy.jpg  photo 42AEA3E3-4CE7-487F-9C6F-F62360C4CB6C_zpsycdszbnu.jpg  photo 6C17365D-0024-46C2-983C-AA4A17F07796_zpskuw5svr5.jpg  photo A1D67C9B-ADBC-4F15-84FA-06BBD9924843_zpsaei1eton.jpg  photo DB124AED-77C0-40CE-A45E-5DC9E6202BE2_zpsrcjlggja.jpg  photo 10A833E7-6005-41E1-B473-5E9C2BAA1177_zps7ee1fget.jpg  photo FD53CEE5-7EC5-4A57-B156-613AA5AECB87_zpsagduqxwe.jpg  photo 8B13AC76-BD78-4E3C-9DB8-8EE0DD0FA491_zps7zwgmynp.jpg  photo 980AE2F4-2701-4705-AFC3-FE735498D38D_zpsmsiyj4gt.jpg  photo AFDC20C3-1412-4813-A128-C23116CAA0AD_zpsukrq78jj.jpg  photo 37926F0B-D396-49FA-A17B-600025ECEB06_zpsnsfgzbro.jpg  photo 0E49A6E9-47A3-48A1-8A59-21DC92F1BE7D_zpsvh37td2t.jpg  photo 8F70A22A-0675-4DFC-BCB4-909D39925C9B_zpswemsukp4.jpg  photo C21D2A54-0662-4101-B83C-E89F2D9EFC9A_zpshftbihj3.jpg  photo F3EDB446-6D50-4854-8BA1-97A3FAE6C6A9_zpsqjmplgre.jpg  photo 9D1DAD2C-DB12-4800-847A-B5F122F71724_zpsv9og68et.jpg  photo 21E73903-4FD0-4A62-8014-09397EC9F761_zpsbxwxjgm4.jpg