Run-N-Gun Adventures

9,850 birds harvested for the season!


This year’s regular waterfowl season has come to a close and we want to thank everyone that came out and hunted and lodged with us! Without y’all, none of this would be possible. Also want to thank all our guides and staff for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

It was our first season with the new lodge and with anything new their is always a few growing pains. We’ve done our best to iron them out as quickly as possible and will continue to do so with any others that pop up.

We had a phenomenal season to say the least! Our guided hunts and our duck club harvest a lot of birds. 9,850 birds to be exact! Below is how the numbers broke down.

**Guided Hunts**
~5667 TOTAL birds over 264 hunts for a 21.5 bird average
~1533 TEAL over 60 hunts for a 25.55 bird average with an average of 5.22 clients per hunt plus a guide
~2541 DUCKS over 135 hunts for a 18.8 bird average with an average of 4.29 clients per hunt plus a guide
~1422 GEESE over 54 hunts for a 26.3 bird average with an average of 6.04 clients per hunt plus a guide
~171 CRANES over 15 hunts for a 11.4 bird average with an average of 6.2 clients per hunt plus a guide 

**Duck Club**
~4,183 total birds over 343 hunts for a 12.2 bird average. Club hunts could be anywhere 1-6ppl hunting per hunt and the average was just under 4ppl per hunt.

We are already beginning to game plan for next year and ways to improve even more. 10,000 birds just might have to be the season goal!

For anyone interested in booking a hunt with us for next season, please get in contact with us ASAP. Our prices will be going up April 1st, but if you get on the calendar and your deposit in before that, you’ll be able to lock in the current prices.

We’re going to chase the white ones for a couple weeks, but we’re already gearing up for a great spring of fish as the guys will be breaking in new boats and hitting the water in the coming days.

Below are the pictures from the final few days of season.



 photo 9AE09556-4934-463B-A859-8BBA69253B1B_zpsc16sbbhz.jpg  photo 508474CC-101C-4290-9B3B-1E1CC08A901C_zpsyfd9lpd8.jpg  photo 20438FC1-686F-4173-B6F0-DFC8FB73EEE9_zpsqs0es6ay.jpg  photo 1507D742-BB3D-431A-ADD2-99FA38E4A242_zpsiqctkkb8.jpg  photo 2EFF64C3-AAA1-4E47-A22D-9B1C66A4CDB8_zpsz0crg6qf.jpg  photo CC613190-77F7-45D9-9307-2C735BD51D9B_zpsy49cvxaq.jpg  photo 72EDFF91-7B03-4F61-8354-4BF05A4A39FD_zpsgcx6vzab.jpg  photo 228EBBC0-7A4D-4250-8FB8-6D94DE4A9B19_zpsdlpgdwtw.jpg  photo 492B14C4-5237-40D9-82D9-F1CAAA9A883F_zpsxbjcds2v.jpg  photo ECFE8DE9-FD98-4E26-A71B-16520DD7F5FD_zpsdvtgvp4r.jpg  photo CF38E896-10B1-45A1-A5C5-34A626E30910_zpsuzhyi4ov.jpg  photo BA3169A8-549E-4329-8DF2-2DEFC0BA7592_zpszkay6coq.jpg  photo 714C7760-179A-4B0A-878E-E02B6BF6C927_zpseitaizov.jpg  photo E195CE8D-564C-4B5E-AA27-21B0257BAC03_zpsqog58kcm.jpg  photo DA47E6B7-A262-4514-A621-98042F5FEBFD_zpsqgp2edtr.jpg  photo 2F2DB1A5-5D95-4549-AA3E-3130EBFEAEAE_zpsmp8ucbik.jpg  photo 394B8A42-4604-42A4-90C1-9D674597F0B0_zpstfoungj8.jpg  photo B8133A65-EBA2-4E02-A2CB-BFE50B3EE187_zpsunmnbark.jpg  photo F8E0455A-3144-4DD3-8CF3-96AA18F9D174_zpsciammamd.jpg  photo 7061EAF0-2C01-4D13-86E1-17EEF245340B_zpsw5t3k3ii.jpg  photo E2589F01-636C-4C4E-BD8B-8693BDF060D7_zpslcmd58sz.jpg  photo FB79DC07-C85A-403E-8C52-B00680AD7BC7_zpsex9k2udh.jpg  photo 91D0A51D-1311-4436-B725-1E20CC7475BD_zps6hkje0p1.jpg  photo 15F5B6C8-9D19-4A36-8574-03DFEB848823_zpsa2vvkabd.jpg  photo CEFD8927-0848-44AC-AAC3-2A7A6C810F0B_zpsxdnj8fmm.jpg  photo 7B399176-3434-40FB-8E17-E45437DB76E9_zpslmxah0ym.jpg  photo F5FD5283-FF7D-4570-954F-6518F2E12BE4_zpsp1vlmvio.jpg  photo 7524EC63-48AB-4791-A8BD-A24490EBEE7B_zpsxlr7fzc5.jpg  photo 3B55E06A-AA34-4087-A756-360898508D6B_zpsx8snywho.jpg  photo 74427B7F-F9E7-4B6A-97B7-814E74FF3349_zpswumwqr0m.jpg  photo 4A2C4BC8-B8F1-47A6-B349-2ECC05450857_zpsqivc8qqd.jpg  photo 47D4788F-E7D9-419E-9B50-9DEF0C0DE080_zpsgjujjm1n.jpg  photo 9C8CDCB3-7AFA-48F3-8E09-D9A8679C3A13_zpshxuk1csf.jpg  photo F6A78033-CFB0-470F-AAF0-60CF60CD63CD_zpsefnxducd.jpg  photo D45573ED-9BB9-4A9A-9589-FFADBB817DBD_zpsurzayfgl.jpg  photo 7A72F55C-3BCC-463F-AB5D-BF3B31BF7D45_zpscyxqebhz.jpg