Run-N-Gun Adventures

Outstanding fishing lately and multiple 30's released!


Our fishing reports have been lagging over the last 3 weeks because we have been so focused on getting ready for waterfowl season, but the fishing has definitely NOT been lagging.  The fishing has just continued to stay phenomenal all summer!  Wading has been the most consistent and produced the bigger fish over the last couple weeks, but drifting is still producing some solid boxes and good action for those not wanting to get out of the boat.  The surf got right for a few days and the guys took advantage of it.  Other than that they have been bouncing back and forth between East and West Matagorda bay.  Wading both the shorelines and the reefs depending on the weather and drifting deep mud and shell when clients don't want to wade.  LOTS of fish have been released over 25" in the last couple weeks, including 3 over 30"s.  They have started dropping some serious weight as we have only had a couple go over the 8# mark on the Boga.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves and we hope you enjoy them. 

We have boat(s) open this weekend(20th & 21st) along with all next week(22nd-26th), so if you're interested in getting in on the action we'd love to hear from you and put you on the fish!

Enjoy the pictures and contact us to get in on the action! 

Please bear with us if we don't immediately get back with you.  We are blowing and going trying to catch as much rain water as possible while monitoring blowouts due to all the recent rain.  If you have called or sent email, we will be getting back with you ASAP, just know we aren't ignoring you.  Thanks in advance for your patience. 


 photo C2ADCD58-862F-448F-BE6E-EC433401C115_zpsz0x6cgrs.jpg  photo 657ED598-2E87-4AD8-99DD-2DD026F86E1A_zpsfd3hzab5.jpeg  photo F71A7D8F-3537-4F56-9643-1DCA020D2679_zpseghqrozo.jpg  photo 511F37A4-1FE1-4FFC-BC51-C9DD3EA80045_zpsekbelccv.jpg  photo 78FD5760-6F98-43EB-80C2-E5295864E28B_zpsoiqdalxl.jpg  photo A0367D08-55D5-4EFC-AC61-E0F15E005E19_zpsroocfnbp.jpg  photo 3C91AB74-49F5-4AA5-8950-AD243141D59B_zpslwnin3h6.jpg  photo 1662C80D-909D-44DF-AF57-3E0036A339B7_zpso3kuy7z2.jpg  photo D27851C4-2E00-4BDD-9255-1B5F97E2C9D5_zps64epvbax.jpg  photo BD73C536-9719-45DB-B1D9-A7A3C0F9872B_zpsxzh1biev.jpg  photo 98270E51-AF4F-425D-82AD-672D8718DE7C_zpsurd3sjvd.jpg  photo 317033CB-F76A-4550-9A13-5A7082AA9F12_zps1ugyglxi.jpg  photo F67062F8-0C62-4475-BF01-2E94FB2B4BEB_zpsjcwawoec.jpg  photo D54B1A6B-1E4C-4B95-ABAE-3B90E23EBB02_zpsfec7xloa.jpg  photo D1FEB3D2-6F6A-4C0A-BC7D-17BF9BB75536_zpszil5ihsb.jpg  photo 5D87F9B9-BD6A-4137-9057-572CF6E3A22D_zpslfkqbmi8.jpg  photo 6D448DD6-4B4F-4410-81A1-E27B1A3B6199_zps2mlaj6ps.jpg  photo E660FC3B-3ADA-4132-9615-019628ED0FA1_zpskhubhduc.jpg  photo E015A0EA-023C-4FFB-AF0D-8A8A5B8B4C0B_zpsznbbmx69.jpg  photo 2F1000F3-DEE4-4934-A883-DAF833517BDF_zpsqh6gitf1.jpg  photo 965E4351-E5F4-4E96-AFB5-03CD545F62EA_zpsriym8h6o.jpg  photo 049F7EBC-69F6-4910-9806-00C78C7806F2_zpssqnf7w6b.jpg  photo 36E5F47E-2A98-43A3-AE67-D26CF91E4BF6_zpse2xa8im6.jpg  photo 04817A01-EC05-4BA0-A048-CC26AFCF6350_zpslvbdi8sy.jpg  photo 68C0BD68-37A9-44B8-B892-C0832E380676_zpsyj8sz4yb.jpg  photo 984F4E1F-0B3A-4B67-B1D4-46028768D83D_zps0elacjhk.jpg  photo 8A3B3443-9F71-4D41-A6D1-8BB44D288367_zpsjiyia6fx.jpg  photo F25FD7F9-08C7-4B1D-8776-B6158B912CFE_zpsnfwc56xg.jpg  photo 62BE55E5-3500-4465-9C55-1660C81EBA3D_zpsxmjnkoxh.jpg  photo C3624DE9-A035-437A-8389-763189C18798_zpsqzoy4sft.jpg  photo B2743131-8A9D-4BB9-A8E0-3F3D1A7227D2_zps9icsrnll.jpg  photo 6FC6A0D4-CF6B-44B8-9918-39DFAE5927E7_zpspuzjrzlv.jpg  photo 325CE302-D509-45F7-893A-D6612AA4901D_zps0azimn8s.jpg  photo 7F633E3C-937C-47DB-8CCC-085CF27FCF18_zpsgtgtqgfz.jpg  photo 28B6E1AB-FB40-43DD-BD20-A367C2AEAE6F_zpsalrgyorh.jpg  photo 1395B8A4-AE40-4833-A672-9EACA4859B41_zpsny9gxn4t.jpg  photo A0720B5B-8470-4462-95D4-25E859CE4287_zpstgvvtjzv.jpg  photo 7303F828-CFE9-4B98-8035-76673B3FBDF3_zpscgd3fdz6.jpg  photo 23F60406-B740-47CE-9938-E8AEBCFB4A92_zps9uzv5jss.jpg  photo CD282856-C566-4BCD-9812-EEF873F9FED7_zpslufi1nvb.jpg  photo CE170323-652C-4FE2-B37D-6D818A9CFC1E_zpsd2gaorak.jpg  photo FA741D2D-25F5-47B1-A873-CC99538BE5FE_zps3kixtqpp.jpg  photo E76D88F8-F5FF-443D-8E5F-263CFC6EEFCA_zpshrvswacj.jpg  photo DE815A4C-AF10-44D5-B4B8-97F532A4ADD7_zpsx4u2o6md.jpg