Run-N-Gun Adventures

New pit blind and front entrance to lodge/kennels almost complete


A few more additions and this BAD boy will be ready to go in the ground.  Once we get this one picked up they'll get started on another one for us.  Brady and the guys at Collins Welding have done a great job on the pits and we're very impressed with their work!


Hats off to Mike Grisham and crew that are just about finished up with the front entrance for us at the property were kennels are and the new lodge is going.  We really like the way it turned out and couldn't be happier with the job they did. 



 photo 7303699A-9362-4A70-8B58-E8E4F902690C_zps6qxz1hmb.jpg  photo 3D3CD3E7-3C4D-4D88-A032-591E04AF98C8_zpshdb7vohu.jpg  photo 5CD93A62-EAF7-4BE7-8BB8-E6882DC1D454_zpsqvkvb0ak.jpg  photo 98CC4B05-4CB6-48D7-BCE2-28763465D40F_zpssq82szmh.jpg  photo 32014C53-4358-41F2-A11B-D8F33880D715_zpsmpq76wwq.jpg  photo C915550C-DACD-4A16-A636-5619DA0FC56A_zpskgfso1rj.jpg  photo CF01D781-76FD-4FB4-A29E-0D8575E6F4C8_zps0oun5pqn.jpg  photo 6F2A5B0B-AB22-4AB5-B136-F2F999E951F2_zpslj7ergrc.jpg  photo 014382CC-2982-4599-94D0-1D1469273EC1_zpskta7tg9z.jpg