Run-N-Gun Adventures

More personal best trout caught and released! Have a few openings



I feel like I sound like a broken record as I type up reports as the fishing has just stayed phenomenal. Last week was no different at all. Mid-week the guides put clients on great boxes of fish wading both East and West Matagorda bay. A handful more personal best were caught and released with the biggest trout going just over 8lbs on the boga.  Our clients that came in a day early for the Texas Oilman's Tourney to pre-fish were rewarded with full boxes and also released a couple good trout to boot.
***Release videos are on our social media outlets(Facebook & Instagram, just search for Run-N-Gun)***
We currently have the following openings coming up:
July 20, 25, 26 & 31. All days only have one boat open except for the 31st.
Aug 1-3, 7-10
To book a trip, please contact Daniel:
979.240.5312 Call or Text, please leave a VM if he doesn't answer Email


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