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MONSTER trout bite is on! **PICS**


Sorry it has been such a long time since our last report has been posted on the website.  Needless to say things have been super busy but we plan on keeping the website up to date now on reports.   


The last couple of days can only be described as WOW!  Just when we thought Matagorda fishing couldn’t possibly get any better, the guys roll off a weekend that clients won’t soon forget. Personal best were not only topped, but multiple times in the same trip.  A handful of trout are on their way to the taxidermist and another handful of measurements are as well.  I lost count of how many trout in the 25-30 inch range that were released, but it seemed like 3-5 on every trip.  We have had some epic runs before while wading in the summer, but I can honestly say we can’t remember a run like this while drifting and throwing shrimp or gulps under a cork.It has flat out been insane!  The Matagorda Bay system is in the best shape we have ever seen it and if we continue to get these rains that won’t change.  It is so full of life, bait and food that it gets me excited just sitting here typing this.

Drifting with popping cork and shrimp or gulp has been the ticket.  Locating streaky water with bait has been key.  Depth of leader depends on water depth and at what depth the fish are feeding.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and release videos.  If you’re interested in catching fish like the ones you see below, contact us as we have a few openings this week(Tues-Fri).  May-July dates are starting to fly off the calendar, so we need to hear from you ASAP if you want to lock something down.

Contact Daniel to book or get more details:

Call/Text 979.240.5312



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