Run-N-Gun Adventures

Middle weekend of teal season stayed STRONG, PICTURE heavy!


***SEPT 17TH***

Our outstanding teal season continued this morning! Both our guided parties and club groups had good shoots as you can tell from the pictures. The full moon has them moving around and it seems like the birds are pushing a little closer to the coast. THREE more banded teal were harvested by club groups this morning which is always an added bonus.

Nick has had the pleasure of guiding and working client dogs on hunts. This morning makes his 5 hunt where dog clients booked a teal hunt to watch Nick work their dog and show them the progress it is making. He still has a few open spots for training in his spring session(March-May) for anyone interested. These spots won't last long, so contact him ASAP to reserve yours or get more details.
Nick 979.240.1639

***SEPT 18TH***

Today was our slowest day thus far for this teal season in regards to overall average birds harvested per group. 

-Club harvested 202 birds from 13 groups hunting
-Guided parties harvested 194 birds over 6 groups
**396 total teal harvested over 19 groups that hunted today(Sunday 18th)***

We're really going to rest things the first part of this coming week so we can finish strong the back half of the week and over closing weekend.

We still have room for two more guided parties this Sun(25th) for anyone wanting to book a hunt before teal season ends.
$175 per person, 4ppl minimum

***One duck club group remains available for anyone still looking. As you can see from the pictures and how season has gone, our club is experiencing fabulous hunting***



 photo 2BF40084-8678-4D38-A394-AF62ACAA36C1_zpsvbaqh1h7.jpg  photo 1DBE8FB5-8692-41E4-BFD4-FD391747A217_zpshhrn7b7m.jpg  photo 31FAE762-15E1-474C-9446-135C8A6C33E0_zpskcjvxgch.jpg  photo 42FAD188-9B64-4EF9-8E45-EA3D14B11247_zpsopg3lkyg.jpg  photo 4A6D9E48-841E-4053-B28E-0A7C2A4E7DD9_zpskgwmo3gq.jpg  photo 1BDAF4B0-B425-46BD-A5BB-94ADCF4AEDAF_zpshpoknwi3.jpg  photo AAF07114-1B21-4926-BB57-9CEAD95E6D17_zpsjiada8q7.jpg  photo 28D5ED9E-6148-4B20-8C57-3E3EDCCBC730_zps5ggamvtm.jpg  photo F778640E-4FAF-4A37-AC34-3CB6B8836911_zpstynah8nt.jpg  photo 29BED6AC-0805-4C03-A425-A0DACDA6A9D2_zpsspslkziz.jpg  photo 11DFB144-8151-412A-8AD4-EEC07B13773B_zpsuuw5f07j.jpg  photo 74D17521-93A4-4284-8445-93369FAA4833_zpsxrbliylu.jpg  photo 2D777037-0B08-48CD-B387-4588116A6578_zpstrsyrnpw.jpg  photo 6D5CD570-0644-454C-8D89-9D4D68A370EA_zpsrwnzooet.jpg  photo 52743877-AA07-4195-8BEE-EB4CF2707CEC_zpsn6jjlfh4.jpeg  photo E1A2703E-D5F7-4E03-B111-7935A873BFE6_zps26sr02el.jpg  photo 9825C847-1A20-4F7A-9B41-961153BF960E_zpsfqitkuoo.jpg  photo 84D2B9A2-0A2B-43F3-971B-40A9287900F1_zps1urvvwcx.jpg  photo F97C3649-ADEC-471A-9CBB-F20F38334A19_zpsdgskfzr5.jpg  photo 042DCF1F-A0EE-46BE-843B-91CA91DCC52F_zps1uqqrxhi.jpg  photo 2A3E427B-3A1E-4B02-89B7-EEE2427ADC80_zpsbyw3mkng.jpg  photo 0D7F42EA-8FC4-45A1-9444-A55BE830DC24_zpsnpeohrqm.jpg  photo 7B3DB223-E3E0-4A8E-9F96-F786651C415C_zpsmkswtzzb.jpg  photo C9B8AC46-7958-4925-AB8F-481E521F17F2_zpsur8h2lqn.jpg  photo 00516F60-5331-4453-BADA-4FC78E876EEE_zpszrxrh7sh.jpg  photo BBD4464D-97B3-465C-B361-4553E80A5072_zpsyo7sfecl.jpg  photo 6DE2B236-2065-4E52-86D8-60373D78E5A7_zpsppuvdscq.jpg  photo 78AB32C4-AA24-4F6C-B177-1461EF0148B1_zps4bddo8ul.jpg  photo B17774C0-1DD6-426C-825A-0FA9ABA752C3_zpsktsnmpnw.jpg  photo 628EE1FE-8BB0-438B-96F7-AA2A0B971311_zps7g3qm8ly.jpg  photo 99032645-2665-48BF-9B1D-E1A8BFD74728_zpsam99hxpi.jpg  photo AB33807F-03C0-4B07-BA37-55B941CCA06B_zps04g26v7s.jpg  photo 72A12A4E-A0BC-4F10-9FB5-A5A2E34460D5_zpsigzhif9g.jpg  photo 0D2A6B48-BDF8-48B4-806B-B5E0721E95C4_zpsw7d2cpgy.jpg