Run-N-Gun Adventures

Matagorda continues to produce solid boxes and BIG trout!


Last week we had a couple days that were a grind during the week as we were dealing with higher winds and clients that didn’t/couldn’t wade. We were still able to put them on fish, but it wasn’t our normal boxes as of late. As the week went on, things definitely got better! We got back on track with wading groups on Fri & Sat that both caught good boxes of fish over grass beds and sand flats in West Bay. On Sun the winds were light and the drifting game was on fire! The youngsters had an absolute blast catching fish all morning, including some personal best. 

So far all the rain and runoff hasn’t hurt the fishing. Depending on what the Colorado River does might effect if we can get into West Matagorda Bay or not for a couple days, but so far that’s our only concern. No matter what the winds have been doing, we are catching fish while wading. When the winds are lighter, the drifting has been awesome. As we continue to transition into summer time patterns, wading will continue to be the most consistent as drifting results will totally be dependent on the wind.

To book a trip or get more information, please contact Daniel:

Call/Text: 979.240.5312



Most of these days listed only have 1 boat left available, so don’t procrastinate!

JUNE: 2, 5-9, 13-17, 19-23, 25-30




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