Run-N-Gun Adventures

Matagorda Bay just keeps producing!


Matagorda Bay just keeps on producing solid boxes of fish for our clients!   The weather wasn't the best mid-week, but that didn't stop the fish from eating.  Drifting with popping cork and shrimp or gulp still seems to be the most productive, but one boat did hammer them pretty good on Sunday while bouncing soft plastics off the bottom while drifting.  Wading with croaker produced limits across the board of both trout and redfish over the weekend as well.  Whether you are wanting to wade or drift, we can flat out put you on the fish right now!  Over the last handful of day our boats combined to release another dozen or so trout in the 24-28' range.  We currently have some openings this week and weekend for anyone interested.  After this weekend we don't have many more weekend slots available the rest of May. 

To book, please contact either Daniel or Nick.  If Daniel doesn't respond, please call or text Nick.  Daniel and his wife Lauren go in Monday morning for a scheduled C-section to introduce their 2nd daughter into the world, so he won't be responding as fast as normal.


Daniel 979.240.5312

Nick 979.240.1639 



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