Run-N-Gun Adventures

Great start to 2018 with some monster shoots already! Limited openings left this season


Jan 4th Report 

Solid shoots this morning for all our groups! Seems like a lot of new birds have arrived over the last couple days with things freezing over to the north of us and we expect even more could arrive in the coming days. This should help us have a very strong January as long as our area has enough food to feed and keep all these new birds.

Jan 6th Report

It was a really good morning for our hunters, both guided and duck club!

Fletcher spoke a tone that the geese just couldn’t refuse and finally got a little help from the wind. Client harvest a hybrid that’s going on the wall!

Duck club had a really strong morning. 7 of the 10 groups had great hunts and the other three should rebound with solid ones in the morning. 189 birds harvested on 10 hunts, with 183 coming on 8 of them. Club averaged roughly 4 hunters per group. 

Tomorrow looks promising and we hope to keep the momentum rolling throughout the rest of the season.

Jan 7th Report

A few more for the wall were harvested today! Good shoots to close out 3 groups that checked out of the lodge today on multi-day hunts.

Jan 9th Report

Duck groups burned them down pretty good this morning and our goose group had a solid hunt given the conditions.

Jan 10th Report

Solid morning for our groups at the lodge chasing ducks! Tomorrow we get back after the geese and cranes.


As you have read above and will see below in the pictures, it has been a great start to 2018!  If you follow us on social media, you have seen some of the videos we have taken while scouting and on recent hunts.  Things are looking really good and we should be able to continue this momentum through the rest of the season and into e-caller/conservation goose season.  

We have a few remaining openings left this season for anyone interested.  We just recently had this coming Saturday open up as a duck group switch over to goose hunt.  Take a look at our openings below and if you'd like to be in a picture similar to the ones below that, contact us ASAP!

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Remaining openings


Jan 13, 17-19, 21, 24-28


Feb 2, 5, 7-9

Lodging available the night before dates listed.   



 photo A4A8C169-C1AD-46A9-A4F4-193EC36B1E4C_zpsj6zwuax5.jpg  photo 23021084-EDCD-4C3D-A423-2C45001A89EF_zpscwlrhvii.jpg  photo F6E211EF-8D6C-478E-89D2-A1AC87C951F6_zpsk1cpyrrn.jpg  photo 887E3D48-13C1-4670-A2CB-20E0B74BA549_zpsu83n78jn.jpg  photo 821AF094-9872-4AD9-A469-F9B4971A8A44_zpsxzlasyb6.jpg  photo 075279BF-538B-4727-9B17-5A552A33DEE5_zpsf3o061je.jpg  photo 9A356436-29A7-45BA-BF20-3853D0D11ACA_zpstoiymqqb.jpg  photo D4AC190E-52FA-45D2-BAF3-468AE4D311BD_zpsu8gguxnb.jpg  photo 7DC03268-6624-4BDC-8B65-EE0C8848EBAE_zps4r7rxdym.jpg  photo B196BA50-38F4-424A-ADA9-52C41AF231D9_zpsmanttjtc.jpg  photo 2436592D-F7EA-4686-BBC2-CD198E032D79_zps0yco7vkb.jpg  photo 949D3972-10DE-4265-AAB1-2CF22FC3E60B_zpso6en4eui.jpg  photo 6AEF70FB-90BA-49A6-9377-9350BB059F7A_zpswayouazx.jpg  photo 53E4440F-8D36-4222-8A4B-5CBCB4F4B43D_zpsgzz9xu06.jpg  photo C04D744C-0D9A-49A6-9F07-DA52FCB0B94C_zpstvnqs2od.jpg  photo FCAE7C99-1B90-44D8-8E2B-DC73CCC45473_zpsvq4qk8ei.jpg  photo 8D593FC2-4FA8-46F1-9C5E-593F4D58F2E7_zpsyhft1pjq.jpg  photo FCCAA2C3-0A39-47BA-BA59-F75E3E14B4E3_zpsjghtz1pg.jpg  photo 322D69F6-CE8D-4CBD-8F08-1DEA1A2FC2D6_zpsdjragsz9.jpg  photo 63B889A8-66F3-446F-BDD2-F3CCAC401346_zpsi8yz7xja.jpg  photo A8F4AB67-2D2F-4864-B6CE-377C94CF39D4_zpswpzgr9ll.jpg  photo 1EEBAD11-FCEC-41C1-A1F1-A8003F6C9898_zpskkmhlcuk.jpg  photo ECB906F0-9C13-404B-8073-73D5F9BEFA3F_zpsjqmynw9v.jpg  photo 44999E88-A247-4E34-A391-85934F19820E_zps6hmyhqrp.jpg  photo 7B5FE51F-81AC-4FA3-9DC0-B4C9DE274155_zpshquadrvj.jpg