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Great Opening weekend of Teal! Over 1,100 birds harvested!!!




The smoke has cleared and we had a GREAT opener! We had 23 parties hunting Saturday morning, 15 club groups and 8 guided groups.
-Club harvest 360 teal over 15 groups, 24 bird per hunt average
-Guided hunts harvest 208 teal over 8 parties, 26 bird per hunt average
Besides just a few hunts that were slower than we would have liked, it was about as good as it gets! We did lose some birds overnight because of the stiffer north wind, but we gained a bunch of new ones in other areas as well.

Day two of teal season didn't disappoint! The day hunt side had some monster shoots and the club turned in some really good ones as well.
Guides hunts harvested 247 teal over 7 groups
Club groups harvested 288 teal over 13 groups
Grand total for the weekend was 1,103 teal harvested over 43 hunts, for an average of 25.65 birds per hunt.
-Guided hunts averaged 30.2 birds per hunt on 15 hunts
-Club groups averaged 23.12 birds per hunt on 28 hunts. Some club groups only had 2-3ppl hunting in their group this weekend, so even if they limited it brought the per hunt average down.
Because of the hurricane we have had three dates open back up during teal season with lodging the night before. Friday(15th), Tuesday(19th) & Wed(20th) currently have room for another group with lodging the night before.
Pricing includes lodging with meals
4ppl-$375 per person
5ppl-$350 per person
6ppl-$325 per person
We don't feel like the major migration has hit us yet. Still getting reports of a lot of birds north of us. Sure is going to be fun once they do arrive as we'll be ready for them.
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