Run-N-Gun Adventures

Great hunts over the last two weeks! 50+ pictures



We have dealt with just about everything over the last two weeks weather wise, including breaking ice which is something we don’t have to deal with very often on the Texas Coastal Prairie. Through it all the team has made it happen and continued to shoot birds consistently. Sure we’ve had a couple slow hunts, but overall the last two weeks have been really good just like the entire season has been for us.

Jan 13th

It has been another phenomenal Saturday for our duck club and guided parties! The last couple days of our guided hunts have also been very good. Birds are here and the colder temperatures make them hungry and easier to hunt. Looking to close the season out strong and we have a few openings left for anyone interested in getting in on the action before season ends.

Jan 14th

Another very solid morning of hunts turned in by our guides along with a couple from the club as well. We have two big cold fronts forecasted to hit this week that’ll keep the birds hungry. If water locks up north of us we could see more birds show up as well.

Jan 15th

Feet down beat downs this morning! Both groups we had out had great shoots as you can see with some trophy caliber birds as a bonus. We have a big front coming through tonight/tomorrow that will keep the birds hungry.

Jan 16th

Sleek, snow, ducks and ice for the groups at the lodge this morning! Breaking ice isn’t something we deal with or do very often, but looks like we’ll be doing just that in the morning.

Jan 20th & 21st

Late season birds doing late season things...... Handful of birds are heading to the taxidermist as they are really starting to show off their colors! Looks like we should close out the season strong this week and weekend.

Our duck club had a very strong weekend harvesting 196 birds over 14 hunts with the average group hunting right at 3 people.

We currently still have openings this Sat(27th) & Sun (28th) of closing weekend for anyone interested in duck hunting before season closes.Get with us ASAP before these dates get booked and you have to wait till next season.Lodging is available the night before for those interested.

Here are the photos from the last two weeks, hope you enjoy and give us a shout if you’d like to be in one!




 photo 2885923F-894F-4430-94A1-B53F25884B0A_zpsyh0rtoem.jpg  photo 34C602DE-A236-48CB-A91C-94C62D01F11F_zpshoidovap.jpg  photo 339094F9-5F60-4303-933F-64241A0D0F7E_zpsf6p16csy.jpg  photo 193D0029-18CA-4B89-B5F0-2036E49FA69D_zpsedmvwwqq.jpg  photo 3593E713-2386-4115-81D3-E7C3F4056168_zpsisku1yfl.jpg  photo 5CBECEE9-0265-4A57-8354-992E48820C0C_zps66zgde4i.jpg  photo 2E020D57-7046-4FDF-9633-E707B205AD01_zpsf90ph2fh.jpg  photo 49EF7DC3-84C5-46CA-A4C4-736CF333A8E7_zpsufnqruuc.jpg  photo 831BAB4B-F8E8-494D-930D-12F523A8F1DC_zpsspcmdpeq.jpg  photo F700EBB1-8897-410A-91BA-A0BE42207CC0_zpsmlfnnzdb.jpg  photo 5406B332-1578-40C0-81FF-34A099D49DE1_zps6h4meo3w.jpg  photo 2DE0D105-6D72-4803-BBCF-8A654DC61987_zpskofq5p2s.jpg  photo BBCF5090-1B3A-4C32-A4E6-A72C813E6068_zpsk045ebw3.jpg  photo 00AECC01-091B-4B2A-AAF3-D30B746DAF04_zpsed6uutdl.jpg  photo A636C8F4-3CD2-4230-9286-684646794BEF_zps9calmt59.jpg  photo 298F6E5D-B4E8-4534-9DFA-C1A44E12C4ED_zps28o1h0qb.jpg  photo E9C267F7-F50E-437C-BB98-A064EA8F781C_zps7i0q3uwl.jpg  photo C91A2E62-86C0-4325-B486-839DB9F8FFD0_zps3vniqvl2.jpg  photo 7E0C5A34-EAE4-49A2-B8CA-05E237A402B4_zpsh0d1l8dg.jpg  photo 24A7237F-5A31-4943-8DF8-D002645CE9A1_zpsiidy87pm.jpg  photo 3D0AE439-3621-4605-A543-2AD630211397_zpsj5bytv9s.jpg  photo 3A707B9A-7003-40DA-A9BF-93F5B7C78639_zpsq0w04dlh.jpg  photo B01802ED-FC9F-462F-AF3D-A4BA9880AAA7_zps45bj9lyu.jpg  photo 4064D700-0F0B-4D69-9067-19992EE9BDD5_zps1rsqefcr.jpg  photo 0E79B86B-84AD-4504-8D33-27B8F6962F1A_zpspuemux1g.jpg  photo A54CA8E7-3FF5-404F-87BC-0CBFC4FF12C3_zpsdqdxqkso.jpg  photo 8D1BF399-9E14-48BB-BD88-C95FFE75B7F7_zpsupr0wgzd.jpg  photo 225F9200-74FE-4C30-A060-7F5B3BAC270E_zpsccoyfmin.jpg  photo EA314523-090D-4DFE-A491-36A298FD6AF9_zpsipl2yccj.jpg  photo 2F270F12-557F-4B12-A860-8E7767AD24F5_zpsx9lig66p.jpg  photo 133966E3-1E18-450C-8598-531CA6F24125_zpstiyp4xpg.jpg  photo 02D52093-4540-4D90-8F24-31BAA1C755F4_zpsuifwbwc9.jpg  photo 34DAF26F-A7EB-481B-B91C-A20FC1155675_zpsxyn5ppcl.jpg  photo 1D16624E-03AE-4BEC-B0A3-DE25C5877690_zpsq0ib58ik.jpg  photo E053D960-645D-4C0F-9251-6D910B0656AC_zpscimphvwd.jpg  photo ACDADC29-6C01-4495-AA4A-587EFB9A3440_zps1glrbv1p.jpg  photo CCF2AEF9-077E-491A-AEC0-DB8D167621FE_zpsvonk7yib.jpg  photo 41CCA85E-37EA-4CA7-98A2-2C6EFB79E96C_zps0cxwvipk.jpg  photo 51A66E4B-436C-48D4-B21C-114737970A18_zps5m9anvss.jpg  photo B4B1FAA9-34E0-473B-A983-0AC73EF0C923_zpsxedxwz38.jpg  photo 82522EEE-0C29-4C63-AF4F-99A7AFD42C8D_zps0acmlimz.jpg  photo 939A86E4-73A0-43EA-B690-B8861AC4D608_zpsf067g82m.jpg  photo C1A8266D-8973-4AD2-A7CF-07D3E8A2C1D1_zpsgs5p2tm7.jpg  photo 205A51A8-0C4C-4383-9DEC-831CC80E3FBE_zpsebl4tjtj.jpg  photo C65642DE-D60D-4C17-897A-02E079BF6FF0_zpsvwxuf5ov.jpg  photo 7DC099CE-6AEA-4596-ACB4-9DC04DE3D24C_zpsayzqufaa.jpg  photo 5431112F-8E31-47C2-9F2A-D20B984FFF9A_zps8xk8wmo6.jpg  photo 3D91B953-5C4C-462A-8516-E8C3B2161AD0_zpshx4ome4r.jpg  photo 3B4A98DD-7F92-447C-98F8-FB25C7072C5A_zps0whvbkje.jpg  photo FEA1022D-F7AB-4A48-A5DD-D027B410F308_zpsqajugmmf.jpg  photo 0CE36F06-0011-48B0-BE98-D5C63201D1D1_zps0urj886f.jpg