Run-N-Gun Adventures

Goose Hunting staying good, we have openings!



Our goose hunting is off to an excellent start! Lack of wind early has prevented us from really putting a hurting on them yet, but it's coming. If you're interested in shooting decoying geese in the spread, give us a shout. We have openings during the split for anyone interested. The amount of young snow geese down is something we haven't seen in years, probably 10+ to be honest. If you've ever wanted to goose hunt, this is the year!
Upcoming openings:
Nov 28-30
Dec 1, 3-8

We're only running two parties a day and most of the above openings only have one group spot left.
$225 per person, 6ppl minimum for private party
Lodging with meals available the night before for an extra $150 per person
To book hunt, contact Daniel:
Call or Text 979.240.5312



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