Run-N-Gun Adventures

Goose Hunting continues to stay good!



The goose hunting is about to break WIDE open with this front we have coming in a couple days! We're not complaining with how our hunts have been going, but hot zero wind days aren't the best recipe for goose hunting. We have been making the best of the conditions Mother Nature has been giving us and averaging over 30 birds per hunt which isn't to shabby. Once we get some actual weather, that number could easily double or triple with the amount of birds we're currently holding on a handful of our properties. 
These are our remaining openings for goose hunting in December.
December: 11-14, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30
To book, please contact:
Daniel 979.240.5312 call or text
Nick 979.240.1639 call or text
Here are some pictures from our most recent hunt, look forward to hearing from you! 


 photo 98434D17-4369-45BB-AEEE-40436B443233_zpsbwgublpv.jpg  photo B1E6BD32-3DF2-4A2B-A5A9-DE6CDB4E5CB7_zps5pmo3wzz.jpg  photo C480BA1B-84A0-4B56-BFBB-920B6EF99292_zpsf65316rc.jpg  photo DD6EAFD7-E9EB-4436-A132-AC6C7924E66F_zpsclqhbm2x.jpg  photo 05C2199B-9DA8-4867-B641-8AD23E6E612D_zps5mbli1p2.jpg  photo A9C0AA6F-AE97-4E7A-9FC4-5DC436882F10_zpsob6tgijk.jpg  photo DA3134F8-E855-46D9-A855-2FE31DD06B29_zpsphnqyfg2.jpg  photo E04D5A9A-473E-4152-8C1E-9CD72F1BA0F7_zpsncozbw8u.jpg  photo 10366646-FFD2-442F-AF29-05CCDEA964FE_zpsl0qtof1q.jpg