Run-N-Gun Adventures

Geese, Ducks & Cranes! 2 banded specks



Pretty solid morning highlighted by one of our groups shooting 2 banded specks! Even more geese seem to have found there way to the Texas Coastal Prairie thanks to this last front. Everywhere we are finding geese there are also good herds of pintails. We have room this Sun(1st) for anyone interested in hunting geese. We currently have 5+ goose feeds on our properties, and only a couple goose hunts booked over the next couple days.
Goose hunts are $225 per person and we hunt in the decoys.
To book or get more details:
Call/Text Daniel: 979.240.5312
 photo FC5E5365-6581-4BE4-BEA6-B309BF301816_zpscbmpyouz.jpg  photo 04988EC2-DF84-4CF1-906E-0198278900A6_zps9blve4wy.jpg  photo 948E70DE-5A90-447B-AEB9-F44BE1660537_zpsjweexbc7.jpg  photo CF624F82-A194-4EE3-BDC5-FBAC2A5D7E66_zpsjis7c9j8.jpg  photo 39E77BE2-C5C8-4DCD-9949-AC52C9308539_zpsbl7xp9uj.jpg  photo C8D3185C-9779-4E03-B831-8CA673F5B1B5_zpsuoop1nv1.jpg  photo 5E7EBCF1-884C-4E19-A3EF-C6E7F5FE9C6E_zpsyb7xn47k.jpg  photo 99196890-330E-47CB-B8EA-BE6CAB75E1C6_zpsd5an7pjn.jpg  photo 9020C0DB-484B-46A6-A2A2-41A3EEE197BB_zpsycuwthvu.jpg


Sorry for some of the language, seeing birds always gets us a little excited....