Run-N-Gun Adventures

Front makes all the difference! Have openings this week


Oh the difference a real front can make! It's been a grind to say the least for the first part of waterfowl season. We have done ok, but not near what our standards are. Resting ponds 7-10 days between hunts has been key and we even have a handful that have yet to be hunted. All that seems to be changing though. Over the weekend, especially Sunday, all the guides reported seeing more ducks flying around and a ton of geese flying high migrating south. Our Saturday goose hunt turned into a little "fire fight" between 10-11am as the front blew through and started off the same way on Sunday morning until the wind just started whipping. The hard north wind allowed the geese to just hover out at 75-100 yards and then slide the spread. Our duck hunt on Sun started off a little slow and thank goodness the group was willing to wait it out because it turned on mid-late morning. The group was even rewarded with 2 bonus greenheads. Our club hunts also started seeing and shooting a few more birds over the weekend as well. It's not near the numbers we want, but definitely heading in the right direction now! With a full moon on Wed and another Arctic front on the way, we expect the area to load up with both ducks and geese this week. We have openings this week and weekend for anyone interested. Give us a call, shoot us a text of an email and get in on the action!

Contact Daniel to book:
Cell 979.240.5312

3ppl-$300 per person
4ppl-$275 per person
5ppl-$250 per person
6ppl-$225 per person

6ppl+ $225 per person
$500 additional for pre-set spread

Hope you enjoy the pictures and want to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving!