Run-N-Gun Adventures

Foggy morning success! Geese, Cranes & Ducks


Being on the "X" in the fog makes all the difference in the world! Had three great shoots this morning including one goose hunt that turned into a crane beat down. Still have some openings this Fri-Sun for anyone interested.

 photo 21314E4E-BE4D-4C95-87CA-CC1F54DC0180_zpsuuxsbs44.jpg  photo 77F2FE8B-C456-43AB-B2BD-EC0DB7FAC824_zps7ey2hi9u.jpg  photo 0BB6572F-8ED4-4509-9773-B29E3401796F_zpso0dv2i37.jpg  photo E4E53168-D6E2-4C50-9E42-DC03553608A6_zpsalzxfbwb.jpg