Run-N-Gun Adventures

Fishing has been flat out AMAZING!


The fishing has been flat out amazing over the last 8-10 days, both wading and drifting has been producing good boxes of fish!  I feel like I'm saying this every 2 weeks, but the fishing has just been great all summer so far.  We have had a couple days that haven't been as hot and heavy as we would have liked for one reason or another, but for the most part it has just been outstanding!  Wading has been producing the best boxes and bigger fish, but when the winds allow us to drift we have been putting clients on solid boxes.  We have lost count on how many big fish we have released this summer.  Just in the last 8-10 days we have let go over 20 trout in the 25"-29" range that go anywhere from 6lbs-9lbs on the boga.  We have had multiple days where 3+ trout over 25" have been released.   We don't see any reason for the fishing to slow down and we have boats available, so give us a call and let's go catch some fish.

Boat(s) open on the following days:

JULY 28, 31

AUG 1-4, 8-11, 14-31

Still have a couple openings for cast and blast trips during teal season as well.




 photo F3C79388-EAFD-4E28-829F-5DB74A2D4D17_zpshf7hsq0b.jpg  photo 89C8337D-F413-4B6D-944C-167985508D82_zpsd677vehz.jpeg  photo 6A515C68-F712-491A-88CA-FA6D8EBF8BE3_zpsaz2bgol2.jpg  photo 9B9BF9D9-A964-4A3E-926D-21B4F0F77300_zps0ljdrgog.jpg  photo CA933A72-275A-4865-BCF1-55C3127A51B8_zpsdt17ua3y.jpg  photo 28C02B2B-FFB8-43D6-BAC5-045C483282CD_zpsvwhsfylz.jpg  photo 50D6677F-9B66-4D42-ADE2-4FBEB42E13D9_zpsedgut45j.jpg  photo 8D8F1923-C597-4A08-832F-81180B5F71C9_zpsywiqjbzg.jpg  photo BBCA3641-103C-49A0-8597-BAC89FA8C7DF_zpsw8ejaja1.jpg  photo C97FBCA1-3F5D-49D2-AD8F-CDA5D91D8428_zpsdlvpchlb.jpg  photo 5CDE9E02-9BD2-4BF2-A380-F1855888CD46_zpsl9z0viw0.jpg  photo 32674987-FAEE-44FD-AFF2-EAE427F7E8B9_zpsqt64qflm.jpg  photo CFA21C98-6D08-4886-99DD-75D0900D3D16_zps2ginqcbx.jpg  photo 17D297C5-D461-4CBC-8438-EB2FDAC36343_zpsr7n7r4ax.jpeg  photo 765DD9AD-63E2-4DE3-9342-F69DF2B8B5E4_zpslwvjlrqr.jpg  photo 16B21C65-F06E-4D05-AB09-FA8792BE1AF5_zpsslypcmv9.jpg  photo 619DF493-E1F4-4C50-A9E7-97D3B2198FD8_zpsqob7nkvx.png  photo ACFC049D-7BCD-424F-BD7D-4C45DF7E6D5E_zpsgv103gfw.png  photo A397327E-A756-41C1-9B6C-940BD7C29982_zpsc8log8dn.jpg  photo D9828612-C5EA-4784-A1C6-0838D2663615_zpsyrgb6zgr.jpg  photo 0A4451FE-6F08-49FE-B01C-6F1457A3680E_zpsrn0wlusk.jpg  photo F83AC4FF-5107-4EB4-9828-410C90E2E77C_zpsd90wbyxt.jpg  photo B9F2D9AC-952E-48F7-9736-C16491C4F668_zpseupigjqe.jpg  photo C8A741F2-0CD4-4224-8E17-56BCDEA920C5_zpstf7gke9p.jpg  photo 4718BB6D-14EA-4541-B287-67EAC52C389E_zpsibycqags.jpg  photo B85B382E-EF27-467F-ACE6-076D82F3CBAB_zpswn8o0hxv.jpg