Run-N-Gun Adventures

Fishing has been AMAZING! Pic HEAVY


It's been a little while since we've set down and posted a report to the website. Things have been super busy as the fishing has stayed GREAT, we were pre-fishing and fishing in Texas Trio Classic tourney and been pulling water off ponds to start getting them ready to plant for duck season.

Over the last 2-3 weeks the fishing has just been flat out amazing for us in Matagorda! Wading with croaker has been the hottest ticket, but we are still catching good boxes as well drifting for those that don’t want to get out of the boat. Trout have been the main focus, but a few reds and flounder have been finding their way into the cooler as well on almost every trip. We haven’t had any trout break the 8lb mark yet, but we have released over a dozen in the 6-7lb range just in the last couple trips. Over the last couple weeks we have released 20+ in the same caliber. The freshwater runoff hasn’t hurt us at all! It has prevented us from running to west bay because of all the debris going down the diversion channel and the locks have been closed as well. I’m sure it won’t be long and the locks will re-open and west bay will become an option again.

We have openings coming up for anyone interested in catching some fish! Check out the dates below and get in touch with us if you’d like to get on the calendar.


JUNE 25-30

JULY 1-7, 10, 12, 17-29

Contact Daniel to book or get more details:

Call/Text: 979.240.5312


Enjoy the pictures and we look forward to hearing from you!

 photo 32D3C27C-75AB-4DFC-B529-036CC4A33FE3_zpsc53isgwn.jpg  photo 9751B81B-76B1-48D2-A3BA-1E0EC00BFF0D_zpsb0xhw495.jpg  photo 3DDF3E95-E2C3-43F6-BA66-D62B892A4AFD_zps40n0sio4.jpg  photo 2966BB35-F61A-4318-BFD6-3C9F9EB69C19_zpsr9hnpx4t.jpg  photo EFB0ACD1-5AE7-47F2-BF37-F57ACC8D8274_zpsq3kblzwb.jpg  photo 606B2270-834E-4315-B8AD-AF2850FA9ADA_zpsrenbn06z.jpg  photo D440A355-BEAD-4650-BAFB-621E15395A94_zps6tqpt0ku.jpg  photo CFCDC517-2D40-4C81-82D2-3E4F6BBC873A_zpsknwbws9q.jpg  photo A063660D-9A74-49EA-B9EC-6097A119F037_zpsg1amdjge.jpg  photo 1BA50328-40A4-4B7A-9FB3-811776675739_zpszdayanhn.jpg  photo 8C505AC3-D7C2-4773-9DD9-60DF7B3DCD85_zpsfhxkhh6z.jpg  photo 50743313-D059-4152-B1D6-19067FB5B914_zpsdflrgk2r.jpg  photo A54CAC3A-A53F-4B9A-9802-7C89DCE5541C_zpsigrr9mnn.jpg  photo 8965F801-FF69-4399-B3FC-B6B338AC5BED_zpskvzazdds.jpg  photo CA229020-D12D-4DC7-88FA-B73335290B34_zpsibhwzghb.png  photo 17EA647F-2990-4235-811E-7A2F60B1A068_zpsxr6wlnhr.jpeg  photo 6DCB6A48-BD33-463B-9B15-E6E421BFB154_zpso9bjerjl.png  photo B5F01226-138A-431A-B7C8-CD9F89FEC0F9_zpsv9wqki2a.jpg  photo 7F7BDE77-5E2C-441F-8E68-27EA5C111812_zpsytpvx6ot.jpg  photo C56FA9B4-1541-4349-B31B-3B2EB5420A4F_zpsykkig8bh.jpg  photo 14480D8C-D568-4267-A2E1-2482BC4AD713_zpsqiagmztu.jpg  photo B0CC1E03-6D0B-4BDC-AD8B-E3B7AE919278_zpscd1plobw.jpg  photo 07EE6958-2D71-44D3-8506-2F45801BCE89_zpssykzq68p.jpg  photo 5DD4CA10-FCE3-4192-B20A-4AB85F7646BE_zpsmkdcmvgx.jpg  photo 92D80C2D-DDD7-4A79-9921-3A4DC3CD3CD7_zps0ga61pjk.jpg  photo 0B84217F-33CF-4302-88BE-7329233532B5_zpspeunupuu.jpg  photo 7B20F0DA-A80C-4657-A578-A78D52762C4E_zps3xd7bm6h.jpg