Run-N-Gun Adventures

First week of teal season recap! TONS of pictures


**SEPT 13th***
After letting the birds rest yesterday from a fabulous weekend, we got back after them again this morning. Had a guided party burn'em down and a couple club groups punch one way tickets as well. With the full moon coming we expect even more birds to be arriving.

***SEPT 14th***
Another great morning for our hunters across the board, both guided and club! Lots of birds harvested this morning with empty stomachs meaning the full moon has them migration.
****SEPT 16TH****
Another solid morning shooting teal for both our club groups and guided day parties. Always good when you get another picture of a banded bird to start the morning. Teal season has been a great one so far and the full moon has them on the move. Hopefully we continue to hold good numbers until new ones arrive. The full moon can be a tricky time to hunt as birds might feed all night and you won't see a bird till 8am and then it's lights out after that. Scouting and being patient are vital to being successful right now.
Currently have Sun 25th open for anyone wanting to put together a hunt.
$175 per person, 4ppl minimum
***Still have one duck club group opening for anyone still looking. Can't imagine this spot will last long***
Hope everyone has been having a great season and enjoys the pictures!



 photo 3F6C5AF7-64FD-496C-8516-F7EB50359359_zpsvqtd0k3v.jpg  photo 19F825FB-5E2E-477D-8ACB-CC217894FB70_zps71uutk6v.jpg  photo 983D3D47-29CF-4F0E-9851-3E4879862F1C_zpsajv8rxkv.jpg  photo D83B29B4-48DF-44BC-AF68-5A2A11E7C1B4_zpsej1ofyto.jpg  photo DF0EB40E-003E-401D-B341-38CED037C06F_zpstx5ik4is.jpg  photo EEE7F46A-C8EA-4289-9D88-EFC9A5C633A9_zps5ckmgr62.jpg  photo 77ACB5F6-6D89-4B65-AF68-912EE02AE31A_zpst8jihksg.jpg  photo 3E46B40F-F584-4B78-9C9C-4C6C8CA188E0_zpsebazsipo.jpg  photo 5D5FA63C-D1A8-4BC6-9751-62327D922888_zpscprxc50y.jpg  photo 90A88070-752B-44DF-93FE-CDE01768B1F3_zpsanzntuby.jpg  photo 2999D3F1-5096-438F-8A77-5A907902AF5A_zps1zpjumjx.jpg  photo 77AEBA0B-2254-4420-AA15-3AC9BAE9BD1A_zpsmh4jxdgv.jpg  photo 4BD1D03D-67D7-4C02-985D-617862720D12_zpsxfbamg3n.jpg  photo F338118F-77A8-4517-B12C-24EF14587D51_zpsvw3s5qpx.jpg  photo 0A5835D3-0F60-412B-A574-604795A2C779_zpslagnqism.jpg  photo 65BEB92C-2C8A-4140-82B4-7088170DA574_zpszpzwef6p.jpg  photo FBDBBD09-66B2-438F-B6A3-EF71A9D9164F_zpstzgk275i.jpg  photo 220DE710-B9D8-4272-B4E0-21E9E8D46E99_zpstzzuho8j.jpg  photo 69C6F2B5-365D-412C-B4C0-04502108FDDF_zpslcyvonzr.jpg  photo E69B9514-D43A-4A57-A421-0D5A3D3B78D2_zps5lclzgiw.jpg  photo 078014BB-6276-4AE9-941C-9EDAC26EF0EF_zps6kmut36c.jpg  photo 62F2E305-6459-479B-9B30-A5BA768FBF68_zpsvv004gzl.jpg  photo A548F455-D28C-4FED-88DE-8C0FFEF610BB_zpsdrjqdudq.jpg  photo 50839595-41AF-42DC-9F68-0D430DB327FC_zpsvsw4xcwu.jpg