Run-N-Gun Adventures

First Snow goose hunt of the season resulted in a PILE!



BOOM! All birds shot in the spread while decoying. Nick said it was the best snow goose decoying he's seen in over 10 years. He is open tomorrow and we're putting together a group to go in on another feed if you're interested. $225 per person, 6ppl minimum.


 photo 9B1B5AB3-5636-409E-8C1B-D0E37FE43A2B_zpsgst3gyd5.jpg  photo 098125F5-EC4D-4288-AF54-BAF8C4FF7AFC_zpsolsqjo1j.jpg  photo B5D4DBD6-048F-448F-9EC7-D6D76D7C224C_zpskjkvoqd6.jpg  photo B9A46FA6-72DA-49C7-922C-51911565D8ED_zpsuenkwxuj.jpg