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Duck Club opening, guided hunts and prep-work update!


The prep-work NEVER stops! We disced a handful more ponds over the last couple days and will be planting around/during the rain today and tomorrow. Pulled water on a couple more ponds last week so we can plant now that they are a mud flat. Knocked out some levee maintenance on a few ponds as well. Depending on when/where/how much rain we get will depend when the next couple of pits go into the ground. Still have a handful more ponds that will be getting disced & planted over the next week or two that will be set aside for big duck season. Rice harvest is in full swing right now and we can already smell the mosquito spray and gun powder that fills the air during teal season!
Whether you are looking for an executive duck club or premier guided waterfowl hunts, NO ONE puts in more time or effort than we do to make sure everything is done right. We have no offseason! Prep-work for the next season begins pretty much as soon as one season ends. We don't cut corners and we are ate up with providing the absolute BEST waterfowl habitat the Texas Gulf Coast has to offer.
We still have 2 group openings on our executive duck club that includes duck, goose, crane and dove hunting.
Still have some openings during teal season for guided teal hunts, including opening weekend.
Duck club and guided hunts are done on different properties, ABSOLUTLEY NO guided duck hunts take place on club ponds. With right at 100 duck ponds, that's right you read it correctly we have right at 100 ponds, we have plenty of ponds to make sure the birds get ample rest!
For more details about the Duck Club or guided waterfowl hunts, please contact Daniel or Nick.
Daniel 979.240.5312
Nick 979.240.1639


 photo 3C2E1247-8AF6-438A-ADE4-CB48B37B9783_zps7niycqpq.jpg  photo FC4B5FA2-23A5-480F-A9CD-BE560491B49F_zpsj1amormf.jpg  photo A4ECA58E-FBA6-467B-A1C3-51F07CA5E899_zpsmfhpbxsq.jpg  photo 63B74B72-511F-4DF4-8F25-CBEF4A23E529_zpswr9ogseh.jpg  photo 2972132F-B4EF-4000-83B4-07F075269BD2_zpsqxnrhpga.jpg  photo 60C11AB0-8C65-4E84-B89F-39421A28BC03_zpsljgmin2z.jpg BELOW IS A VIDEO OF LEVEE WORK BEING DONE, CLICK ON PICTURE TO WATCH