Run-N-Gun Adventures

Drone pictures for update on new lodge build!


Here are a few drone pictures that were taken earlier this week of the lodge that's currently under construction along with the pond and dog kennels.  Words can't describe the feelings that were felt as these pictures starting coming in.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed to get to this point.  Still a long ways to go, but we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel!  None of this would be possible without our awesome clients and we look forward to continuing to take care of y'all's ever need. 


 photo 5CDF17A6-ECB9-4DE9-AD56-16A4D5CFD68D_zpsdzg6lzm2.jpg  photo 04DC663E-D8BD-4ABC-8E22-41F71B2339CA_zpsx9ntb0gf.jpg  photo D85613DF-7F77-4F14-9B2B-2E6613E5F23D_zpsob321zmt.jpg  photo 8D6791AE-C540-4F65-BD5C-BC6BD93FDA08_zpsf3pri8fy.jpg  photo 12C791D7-DB29-4DF5-BBCC-7DE36E58F2A9_zpszdbbgspz.jpg  photo F8D6D2CE-63B3-4DCE-B545-9AF76F29C998_zpstcrtglxb.jpg  photo 64A4F287-6244-4EF0-937A-0BB324F4432D_zpsqua19qiv.jpg  photo 948A2B31-FF9A-4C44-9014-C3EFE98C618B_zpsg9cfafgg.jpg