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Dreams do come true! Lodge soft opening was a success



Dreams do come true! This weekend we hosted our first group for our soft opening of the new lodge and everything went GREAT. Guest enjoyed themselves, the food was amazing, company was awesome & the entertainment was perfect. Yes, their are still a few kinks to iron out, but they are very minor. 
We can't even begin to thank everyone that has helped make this dream come true! Not just the people that stepped up over the last couple of weeks, but our amazing customers that have believed in us from day one. 
Kaspar Construction Group, LLC did an amazing job on the build! The pictures don't even do it justice if that's even believable. 
Shawn Watkins, the food & service was simply amazing! We're going to have to start working out with your crew here cooking.
Eric, the entertaining was great and we're looking forward to many more and this was just the beginning.
Utz Environmental Services did a phenomenal job on the landscaping and the crew worked like nothing we'd ever seen to get the job done in time.

Natalie and her cleaning crew turned the job site from a construction zone into a livable place in less than 3 days, simply amazing if you had seen what it looked like when they started.
Our guides and crew for helping all along the way with little errands, meeting deliver trucks and everything in between.
Our friends and family for all the love and support along this entire journey that's honestly just beginning.
I'm sure we left someone out, but honestly we couldn't be happier right now and so thankful!
We(Daniel, Lauren, Nick & Katinka) just want to say THANK YOU to everyone and anyone that's every helped or supported in making this dream a reality. Words can't describe the feeling we currently have.
Below are just a few pictures from this past weekend. The porch is currently being screened in so more updated ones will follow.



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