Run-N-Gun Adventures

Bringing an old waterfowl project back to life!



We're really excited about bringing this property and old project back to life! It takes a lot of work and a team effort to get properties in tip top shape and geared towards waterfowl habitat. With the help of landowners, farmers and in this case Ducks Unlimited, this property that has been offline for over 5 years is getting a huge facelift and we're expecting great things out of it in the coming years. Still about 5 days of maintainer work, then we'll put in all the overflow structures and then plant a few ponds and go ahead and flush the rest. Our goal is to have a buffet for the ducks so they have any food source needed throughout the season along with a big roost pond all on this one property.
Below are just a handful of pictures taken last week while we were trying to get as much done as possible before the rain. Entire project on this property includes 7 ponds ranging from 10-40 acres.



 photo 8B3EED80-C5CD-45EF-9AD1-F99736BA3991_zpsfllewj7f.jpg  photo 5CD07E6C-EFE6-4477-BCC0-FEB4FD65EC81_zpsh3xf04dr.jpg  photo 57B8AC94-F9F4-4E04-8445-B439B8EF9186_zpsxgbnrvep.jpg  photo 72BFEB55-9D5F-4BB4-B3AC-D354180F2A60_zpsnckqgbvv.jpg  photo D91AF469-7D1A-45C2-B79B-DF096CD6178E_zpsgluhahn8.jpg  photo 651078B3-AA10-4146-B9F2-473258E04834_zpsajf7iuj3.jpg