Run-N-Gun Adventures

Birds are stacking up! Glory days are almost upon us and we still have room for you!!!



The prairie is coming alive more and more every day! Wells are pumping, 2nd crop rice is being harvested and the birds are continuing to stack up. Most of our roost ponds are either already full of water and holding good numbers of birds or they are currently being pumped up.

We still have some openings the first two weeks of season for anyone looking to get in on some fast action early on.

Actually still have a couple openings on opening weekend and lodging & hunts available the 2nd weekend(Nov 11-13), these dates won't last long.


 photo 10894CC7-1EED-4E9F-8E28-FE8A9AFC974A_zps1ngtkqry.jpg  photo 250D5569-9EC9-4072-9EFD-BF83D36DE3E5_zpsmdxi4yad.jpg  photo F70CE48B-29E1-4E64-97B7-0E44DB448D1E_zpsf3ybafau.jpg  photo E08A31C4-25BD-4D3E-8CCB-4610B6EF8986_zpsnuxyzcws.jpg  photo 6A2BA5D8-D734-4A04-9E80-9B3B26F13B1B_zpsm2cxzxne.jpg  photo A043BA18-391C-4F3D-AF52-86F06B2D91C5_zpsz0fvmgxi.jpg  photo 62F57EAD-E8A7-4ED9-85D5-D951EA8C9D14_zps1hivcq76.jpg  photo C183298D-443F-4EC9-826E-2DD2833D2F32_zpsblsyijld.jpg  photo F92E5590-BE67-4E3A-AF8F-6A067A3F5E1E_zpsbok345go.jpg  photo EF632C23-487D-48B6-85CA-0C53A4BA8162_zpswzs3pbaw.jpg  photo 606E4E62-8A68-414B-ACBD-90E16C3F7309_zpsvb89rzzn.jpg  photo A4C18639-A44A-4EE5-961A-045200645B31_zpsvkzwnpvf.jpg  photo 0109CDEB-4380-4E19-AD6B-3E0B28DAC20B_zps56xroyb1.jpg