Run-N-Gun Adventures

Another solid weekend of hunts for the Club and Day hunters!


We can't complain about how our hunts went over the weekend at all. The club and our day hunters all saw a bunch of ducks. Lots of redheads, pintails and teal on the prairie right now. As normal in late season, they are getting harder and harder to hunt. Thinking outside the box, changing things up and setting up right on the 'X' are just a few things that we're doing to make it happen. These last 2 weekends have been pretty good and we're hoping to close the season out on a high note.

Have the following availability for anyone interested.

THUR 21st
-Bay Duck Hunt(2)

FRI 22nd
-Bay Duck Hunt(2)
-Prairie Duck Hunt(1)

SAT 23rd
-Crane Hunt(1)

SUN 24th
-Bay Duck Hunt(1)
-Prairie Duck Hunt(1)
-Crane Hunt(1)

To get more details or book, contact Daniel or Nick:

Call or Text

Daniel 979.240.5312

Nick 979.240.1639