Run-N-Gun Adventures

2nd Split is underway! Have some openings for anyone lookin


Wasn't the barrel burner across the board for the re-opener that we'd normally be happy with, but this year we'll take it. Sat morning it was 70 degrees at 4am, not exactly Dec waterfowl weather. Sun morning the front hit just after shooting time and for those that stuck it out were rewarded. More ducks were seen this(Sun) morning flying around and while we were checking on water this afternoon than we've seen all season. I'm not saying everything is loaded up and busting... at the seems with birds, but it's definitely a good sight to see. Hopefully these birds will stick around and we have another front forecasted for the end of the week that might get us into the upper 30's for the first time this season. Pictures below are from a couple of our day & club hunts over opening weekend of 2nd split, goose hunts during the split and closing week/weekend of 1st split in Nov.

Hope you enjoy and give us a call to get in on the action!

We have a few openings this week & weekend for anyone interested in hunting. Crane season opens Sat and we're absolutely LOADED with cranes. Have Sat & Sun open for a crane hunt.

To get more details or book, contact Daniel or Nick:

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Daniel 979.240.5312

Nick 979.240.1639