Run-N-Gun Adventures

2017 Wounded Warrior Classic!



2017 Wounded Warrior Classic was a huge success! It was truly our honor to be apart of this event and help host it with the Texas Trio Classic. Talking with these guys you truly get an understanding of exactly how lucky we are to live in the USA and the sacrifice so many have made so we can enjoy the freedoms that many take for granite. 
The event started Friday afternoon as the Wounded Warriors were escorted through town by the Matagorda County Calvary. Once at the lodge and checked into their rooms for the weekend, we quickly went over the schedule of events for the next couple of days. Once that was completed, some intense games of washers and corn hole were played while the steak dinner was being prepared. Once dinner was over, everyone enjoyed a concern by Sam Sliva before turning it in for the night. Saturday morning was tourney day! All 5 boats left the harbor around 6:45am. Fishing was pretty good as trout were relatively easy to come by, the reds were a little different story. All boats returned back to harbor at 2pm via sheriff escort for weigh in. Once weigh in was completed and pictures taken, it was back to the lodge to get cleaned up, nap & watch college football before fish fry that night for dinner. 
Special thanks to everyone that helped or donated to this event! Capital Farm Credit, Waterloo Rods, Johnny's Sport Shop, B & S Meat Market, Sam Sliva, Fat Grass, Matagorda County Sheriffs Department & anyone else that we might have forgotten.



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