Run-N-Gun Adventures

2016 Texas Oilman's Invitational Tourney


The 2016 Texas Oilman's Invitational Tourney was a success! All our boats caught fish and some good ones at that. It was a great time with clients/friends and they got to take home plenty of fish and some hardware as well. Capt. Caleb's boat won biggest trout and 2nd place flounder while Capt. Daniel's boat took home 3rd place trout.  Wading was the ticket to boxing most of the fish and for all the hardware.




 photo D76AEE8E-DAAE-4C99-8271-518421F845E9_zpsmp0rbgsl.jpg  photo 7E143C5B-BFCD-4D61-A81C-D4B80CA7FA09_zpsr1bfbbmv.jpg  photo 13CDB224-CA27-46FC-B345-EACBF2F58018_zpsyulhqnck.jpg  photo 6FE5190B-4164-4DBB-BB03-215B4FB34BE4_zpspossrtwi.jpg  photo 729A6DBF-C052-48E8-9D0C-0E21C8159438_zpswrdxgn0j.jpg  photo 7AD316B9-B9A0-4C25-A477-2A56D3FAFE82_zpshnbjqco9.jpg  photo FD9EAFF3-1F38-4CAA-B92B-56087F368334_zpsfef1iogo.jpg

 photo 89962AC8-77AB-4573-9B27-9BF50CDB068A_zpsvqnehnro.jpg

 photo FFB054EF-5216-4AD2-BE3F-F720F2F0F1C4_zps7mz82vgk.jpg  photo 6EE37EBB-59EB-4E13-9A63-7914646CED20_zpsiogobxtx.jpg  photo CEA88E0B-18DF-4D29-AEF0-29868B1683ED_zps2m3tolcp.jpg