Run-N-Gun Adventures

105 bird goose hunt on Sunday for our biggest shoot of the season!



“Today I witnessed some of the best snow goose hunting action I’ve ever experienced. It got western to say the least.”
-Fletcher Feldman, Run-N-Gun Guide

Both our groups goose hunting Sunday(11th) had great shoots! It was highlighted with a 105 shot by Fletcher’s group that’s now our biggest hunt of the season. We’re going to chase them as long as they stay around.  The days that we have wind, sunlight or fog we do really well.  The no wind days are tough.  Over the last week we have had some really good hunts besides the big one Fletcher had on Sunday.  Not every hunt has turned out the way we want, but the slow ones are few and far between and not for a lack of birds.  


 photo 1A61ED28-DA42-4DF7-A7EE-6DACD80D28E2_zpsppzlpbgv.jpg  photo 451A95B7-159D-4F3E-906D-98D22EDC85A3_zpswxwkbiqb.jpg  photo 94290656-C28B-491A-87A3-7B848DA53D69_zps5viupjkq.jpg  photo 529821FD-5B6B-447C-96BE-957AA724CF6F_zpspojdyyuh.jpg  photo A89791A6-8D7D-470F-BEEF-4246F46C5224_zpsblktuqcc.jpg  photo F6320585-B621-4FDF-B968-948BC6057295_zps7ssyzild.jpg  photo E8AEA49A-1A80-41C7-83D8-3C2E09E4AE0E_zpsass5budj.jpg  photo FA28CE08-459D-40B1-9170-C6357DCF4A83_zpstbf1azgm.jpg